1. Approximately how many times did you do the following activities during the last 12 months?
None 1-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25 or more
Attend an Astros game
Watch an Astros game on TV
Watch an Astros game online
Listen to an Astros game on the radio

2. When you attend Astros games, in what section do you generally sit? (Please click here to see seating chart of Minute Maid Park)
Dugout Boxes (112-126)
Field Boxes (105-111; 127-134)
Crawford Boxes (100-104)
Bullpen Boxes (150-156)
Club Boxes I (211-229)
Club Boxes II (205-210; 230-232)
Power Club (233-236)
Mezzanine (250-258)
Terrace Deck (305-338)
View Deck I (413-425)
View Deck II (409-411; 427-431)
Outfield Deck (405-408; 432-438)
Insperity Club
Diamond Club
Executive Suite
Not applicable/Don’t know


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